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Seasonal Soaps

Pumpkin Pie Soap

Pumpkin Pie Soap $5.99

The best of autumn in a warm spicy soap with flecks of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

Cranberry Soap

Cranberry Soap $5.99

Introducing Cranberry Soap. The fresh fragrance and eye catching swirl will bring a festive fall feeling to your powder room or bath. Sure to become one of your favorite seasonal soaps.

Christmas Tree Soap

Christmas Tree Soap $5.99

Essence of pine trees combine with red glycerin berries in a special holiday favorite.

Tea Soaps

earl grey soap

Earl Grey Soap $5.99

Custom brewed with the finest Chinese black tea and blended with almond oil and beeswax, this soap is enhanced with added bergamot oil for that true English tea experience.

chai soap

Chai Soap $5.99

This Indian black tea, blended from ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom, is steeped overnight and combined with almond oil, beeswax and anise oil for a long lasting, creamy soap.

green tea & honey soap

Green Tea with Honey Soap $5.99

Custom brewed for twelve hours with Sencha green teas then blended with clover honey, almond oil and beeswax, this soap is sure to calm your senses as it cleanses your skin.

Exfoliant Soaps

honey oatmeal bar soap

Honey Oatmeal Soap $5.99

Pure clover honey moisturizes your skin while finely ground oatmeal gently exfoliates. This warm, naturally brown bar is nature's best nourishment.

café latte soap

Café Latté Kitchen Soap $5.99

Fresh brewed coffee makes this the perfect soap for both the garden and kitchen. The finely ground beans scrub your hands of strong odors like garlic and onions.

gardener's soap

Gardener's Soap $5.99

A clean, fresh scent combined with the gentle scrubbing action of cornmeal will refresh your hands after a day of gardening or working in your garage. Parsley powder adds a pale green hue that fades to a soft yellow.

Signature Soaps

tomato soap

Tomato Soap $5.99

NEW! Bring the clean fresh scent of garden tomatoes into your house all year round. Lightly colored with red mica.

patchouli soap

Patchouli Soap $5.99

Long used for scenting fabrics for export, the warm mossy scent of patchouli is blended with the rich reds and browns of India in our most popular soap formula.

barcelona soap

Barcelona Soap $5.99

Swirls of blue green of the Mediterranean Sea with the creamy white of waves and clouds. Surround yourself with warm spice notes of pepper and cardamom blended with rosewood, sandalwood and amber.

Sequoia Soap

Sequoia Soap $5.99

This warm and woodsy bar is naturally brown. We've added a green swirl that will remind you of the forest. A favorite for both men and women.

Mojito Bar Soap

Mojito Soap $5.99

This soap has the coloring of the Caribbean ocean and a fresh scent that will take you back to your last vacation. Light lime with a mint finish.

Vanilla Soap

Vanilla Soap $5.99

Everyone loves the warm, comforting, classic scent of vanilla. Fill your home with this naturally tan soap.


Bayberry Soap $5.99

This soap appeals to beachcombers and men everywhere. A two-toned bar with a fresh scent and creamy lather. Makes a great shaving soap!

Aspen Soap

Aspen Soap $5.99

This earthy brown bar has a masculine woodsy scent.

Basil Lemongrass Bar Soap

Basil Lemongrass Soap $5.99

The warm scent of basil and the exotic tang of lemongrass combine in a swirl of yellow and green.

white chocolate mousse

White Chocolate Mousse Soap $5.99

Indulge your skin with guilt-free chocolate. This luxurious moisturizing bar is rich with cocoa butter and jojoba oil. Fragrance and colorant free.

ocean rose soap

Ocean Rose Soap $5.99

Create the perfect vacation at home with the scent of a rose covered beach cottage and the colors of a summer sky.


Lavender Soap $5.99

The fresh lavender scent created with essential oil will transport you to the fields of Sonoma and Provence.

vanilla lavender

Vanilla Lavender Soap $5.99

The warmth of vanilla and the freshness of lavender, together in one bar. And it looks great!

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